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Brodie Kane

Self What?

Not that long ago I turned 34, and in my first week of turning 34 I got hemorrhoids. Yip, hemorrhoids. Bum hurt all week, felt like a bag of shite (never a truer choice of words). In those first couple of days of the first week of my 35th year, after I’d had all my friends and family around me, I experienced that low you feel you know? After an epic weekend, too much alcohol, lots of fun, and then BAM – back to reality.

Brodie Kane

These weird times

I’m acutely aware that we are in weird times – I mean, how do we even describe 2020 anymore? What more is it going to throw at us? We’re bound by Alert Levels and closed borders and we’re at the mercy of a nasty virus that has no plans of going away anytime soon.

Brodie Kane – Getting out of lockdown

Getting out of lockdown

As I sit here in my little office which will be my creative space for the next wee while, and think about what we’ve just been through over the past four months – it actually baffles me and also sometimes feels like it was just a weird dream.

Why is the world full of crop tops

Brodie on crop tops

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m down with the kids, so I’m acutely aware that the crop top is very present and has been for some time.